Nourish your roots

Yoga helps clear your mind of worldly struggles, de-stress and find your own happiness. Through regular practice, adults and children alike become stronger, gain a sense of calmness and face life’s challenges with a renewed spirit. Yoga helps restore balance to the body, mind and spirit through conscious living and helps us be the best we can be
Many people shy away from yoga because they think it involves challenging physical postures, which they won’t be able to perform. However, there are many, many yoga techniques that don’t require the ability to get yourself into challenging yoga postures, and which, in fact, don’t even require a yoga mat.

A beautiful quote to remember:

“The poses are more about connection than perfection, more about exploration than expectation.”

At Nourish ‘n’ Flourish, we are committed to the physical, emotional, mental, energetic & spiritual growth, and the transformation of our students. We give attention to detail that ensures that each student is given individual advice and support.

Ask yourself; ‘When was the last time…..’

*   I had a good nights’ sleep?
*   I had a feeling of inner calm?
*   I felt a sense of well-being?
*   I took Time Out For ME????

Come And Discover What Living Is All About.